Can you Move DataStore from game to game?

i want to make my game 2 versions, singleplayer and multiplayer and have the same amount of money that i earn in singleplayer in multiplayer as well.

if i am playing singleplayer version and i earn 20 coins it will sync to the multiplayer version of the game.

thanks for help :smiley:


Two completely separate games? No, only way is through externally hosted databases.

Two places within a game universe with a central hub as the start place to take you to single or multiplayer? Yes. Just use the same key.


Why not have a lobby place as your start place in the game. And put the solo and multi player games on two different places within the same game? That way you can just use DataStoreService and need not use an external data base with HttpService.

You can print all the JSON data in a datastore I believe (correct me if iā€™m wrong). You can simply print that data and push it back into another datastore in another game.