Can you reduce the size of the image with out rescaling it?

For example if i have a viewportfame or an imagebuttom can i make it half its size withe out rescaling the image inside of it . So it shows half of the image but no a half-size image.

Have a frame with ClipDescendants property enabled and a image inside of it which is twice as big as the frame is. (I’m not sure if I understood you correctly)

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Ok this, is a good start. Now is there any property or way that makes the gui iside of it not move while the frame is being resized?

You can set it’s AnchorPoint to {0.5, 0.5} and Position to {0.5, 0, 0.5, 0}. That’d lock it in the middle of your frame so yeah it wouldnt really move.

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