Can you refresh GetFriendsOnline

I notice that it doesn’t refresh when a player is in a game then their friend come online.

If you know a work around, feel free to let me know.


Make a loop.

Character limiter go brrrrrt.

I haven’t really used :GetFriendsOnline() so I can’t say how often it updates but are you only calling it once?

I am calling it every time they are opening the friends button

The results of a function don’t refresh, that’s on you to call the function again to get newer results. If you are calling the function multiple times and the results aren’t updating, consider reviewing your code (which there is none for us to reference from) and seeing if it’s accommodating for new results. It could also be that GetFriendsOnline caches internally and if that’s the case there’s nothing you can do*.

*Other than making a call to the friends endpoint itself, which I don’t really recommend since an in-house API already exists.

Never mind, it does refresh, just takes like 10 secs