Can you rotate bricks around a point of interest?

As the title describes, can you rotate objects around a point so I can make circular patterns? If that makes sense.

I think some plugins offer this, however it’s not possible in native ROBLOX Studio. When I want to do this without plugin use I group the object with another block that centers the point of rotation with the object I want to rotate inside.


In 2D, this is easily done. Although it gets more complicated when you move from a single object to many, it is still very possible. This video explains a lot:

Edit: If you want the bricks to face the object they rotate around, you can use the CFrame constructor’s “lookAt” argument:, lookAt);

Edit 2: To make multiple objects move around, it’s actual quite simple. You can run the loop shown in the video and just add an angle offset variable that is incremented every so often.


Is this what you are looking for?

You can also look at Roblox Camera Manipulation Tutorial

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