Can you script Personal Building Servers?

Sup, I’m here just wondering if it’s possible to recreate something that Roblox removed years ago. Personal Servers allowed the user to build in a place with tools by either Roblox, or the developer of the server.

Anything you build in the place saves in studio & the game. That’s why personal servers are so fun to play with friends. Anyone know how you can recreate this? Because it was a pretty cool feature, and I’d really like to make my own building servers for my friends.


You’d make a tool that specialises in creating Instances (such as parts) and such - but it does indeed take time to produce, and its own schematic system. I’d suggest utilising Buildings Tools (also known as btools or F3X), a trusted and common found user-generated model.

As the server is in construction (being built with btools), you’d wait until the server closes (which can occur the developer shutdowns the game, or if all players left), then save the workplace by:

  • DataModel:BindToClose() fires when the server closes.

  • DataStore to save data (all the workplace), and to upload the data when a new server is created. This can be saved with :UpdateAsync(), and uploaded with :GetAsync(). You can achieve all the Instances (or parts) in the workplace by for _, i in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants() do (loop), and save the properties of the Instance.