Candy Game Topic!

Hey! I was trying to come up with a candy themed topic, we have our game but it’s candy themed. Anyone got any cool ideas for it?


Does this mean you already have a working game and need more ideas for it? We can’t help there if we don’t know what the game already is.

If you don’t have a game and are just looking for general ideas:
Since Halloween is approaching, maybe a candy collection game?
Maybe ‘Eat Candy Simulator’? :face_vomiting:

Obby’s usually can have almost any theme attached to them, try a candy obby but try to be different (redefine the genre)

I was thinking about “eating candy simulator” I don’t know though!

I’m trying to make a Simulator not a obby. :confused:

I think it’d be cool if you could scale the player’s size with how much candy they’ve eaten, or maybe make custom characters who get fatter and fatter.

Alright, I was going to just make them buy new things, anything else I should add for fun?

Crazy Candy Simulator:

As you eat you gain more fat and slowly get more crazy and then you can link this to new wacky world layouts and upgrades.