Candy Simulator Update Log

Candy Simulator Update Log
Candy Simulator ⭐ CANDY MOON! - Roblox

Update 5
  • Added Candy Moon (New Zone/Area)
  • Added Candy Moon Portal (Back Of Candy Surface)
  • Added Moon Candy
  • Added Moon Upgrades
  • Fixed Major Bugs (Such as, upgrades not working)
Update 4
  • Added Shop
  • Added Ability To Purchase Money/Cash
  • Fixed Bugs (Such as coming soon portal not teleporting you to spawn)
Update 3
  • Revamped Upgrades UI/Menu
  • Increased Default Candy Upgrade
  • Fixed bugs (Such as, when backpack full not showing notification)
Update 2
  • Added Candy Upgrades
  • Increased Upgrade Prices
  • Candy Collected Depends On Candy Upgrade Level
  • Major Bug Fixes
Update 1
  • Added Backpacks
  • Added Backpack Upgrades
  • Added Global Leaderboards (Candy & Cash)
  • Removed Christmas Event
  • Fixed Text On Upgrades (When max, it didn’t show that you were max)
  • Added Speed Upgrades
  • Added Collect Candy Sound Effect
  • Added Sell Candy Sound Effect
  • Major Back End Changes
  • Major Bug Fixes