Cannon Simulator Changelog

:zap:Howdy, Hero’s!:zap:

This topic will serve as the official changelog for Cannon Simulator! Be sure to check it often as everytime the game updates, I will update this topic as well with more detailed logs.

The following changes were made to ‘Cannon Simulator’:


:world_map: New Areas! (India, China, and new Medieval Europe zones will automatically unlock in upcoming days.) :world_map:

:hammer_and_wrench: Pet Trading Fixes! :hammer_and_wrench:

Check out the update by clicking here!

01/28/2022 Changelog:

:bangbang::twisted_rightwards_arrows: PET TRADING ADDED! :twisted_rightwards_arrows::bangbang:

- You can find the trading menu by clicking on the new tab when you are looking at your pets UI!

:moyai: Ancient Rome Area; 6 Pets Added! :moyai:

:new: New tutorials to make sure you have what you need to play! :new:


:paw_prints: Ancient Greece Area; 6 Pets Added! :paw_prints:

:door: *Dimension 2 Portal and Anime Portal has been switched! Both are still accessible in the lava area!*:door:

:hammer_and_wrench: Heaven’s Limited time chests has been fixed, also limited time chests were added to Medival! :hammer_and_wrench:

:speaking_head: Need help with a limited time chest? No problem! A new “Call For Help” button was added to let other players in the server know assistance is needed. :speaking_head:

:heavy_plus_sign: Dimension 2 areas were added to the Teleport menu! :heavy_plus_sign:


:world_map: New Areas in the Historical Dimension: Prehistoric, Early Civilization, Egypt! :world_map:

:paw_prints: New Pets for each Dimension! :paw_prints:

:moneybag: New currencies for Historical Dimension! :moneybag:

:boom: 6 New cannons in the Historical Dimension! :boom:


:innocent: Extended Heaven Dimension and new “Godly” pets, + a new boss! :innocent:

:european_castle: Extended Medieval Dimension + a new boss! :european_castle:

:hammer_and_wrench: Patches and fixes including increasing damage prizes for later ranks, and more loot in the later dimensions. :hammer_and_wrench:

01/5/2022 Changelog:

:hammer_and_wrench: New patch for easier rebirths for legacy players: changes to improve the game for new players left some legacy players in a spot where they couldn’t earn enough to continue; the new patch should help legacy players to join everyone else in being able to rebirth and progress. :hammer_and_wrench:

12/31/2021 Changelog:

:boom:Destructible Items drop more gems to help you along in your journey! (Some people with a lot of rebirths may need to rely on this because rebirths can get very expensive!) :boom:

12/23/2021 Changelog:

:hammer_and_wrench: Rebirth formula patch: a fairer cost function for rebirths so that the each rebirth costs the same for everyone :hammer_and_wrench:

:sunrise: New Dimension: Heaven :sunrise:

:rescue_worker_helmet: New type of destructible item: “self-healing items” that need teamwork or immense personal strength to defeat. (Available in Heaven) :rescue_worker_helmet:

:boom: New type of destructible items: items that fight back! (Available in Heaven) :boom:

:paw_prints: New Heavenly Pets in the Heaven Dimension :paw_prints:

:moneybag: Shortened money values in UI and pop-ups :moneybag:

:bar_chart: Pet stats now in purchasing UI :bar_chart:

:memo: Pet rarity indicators; pet shop indicators; some UI glitches :memo: