Cannot Convert to Package on Team Create as an Editor

My friend and I were working on a game, they are the owner of the place and I am set as an editor on team create.

For some reason, when I try to convert models to packages using “Convert to Package” nothing happens and I get this error:

builtin_ConvertToPackage.rbxm.ConvertToPackage.Src.Components.ConvertToPackageWindow.ConfigAccess:60: assertion failed!

They can create packages just fine, but I cannot.

I’m assuming it has something to do with configs and stuff, but I don’t know how to fix it.
Any help would be appreciated.


I’m having the same problem, although the error shown is ConfigAccess:76.

I’ve run on the game’s configurations with the new Collaboration System, but there’s no mention of packages anywhere.

Did you fixed it?

You can copy your model to another place and make a package for it, I did it and work.