Cannot create side to side camera animation

Hello, so I’ve been attempting to make a custom camera tilt system for first-person strafing (as seen in games like Black Mesa). I’ve run into an issue id consider very frustrating involving not being able to lerp the camera left and right without setting its type to Scriptable. I have a function that determines the strafing direction (left or right) and then a lerp that moves it to the designated direction.

if tiltdir == 'Right' then
	workspace.Camera.CFrame = workspace.Camera.CFrame:Lerp(workspace.Camera.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0,0, math.rad(-15)), 0.2)

The main issue still lies with the lerp not working due to the camera type. Is there any way I could still lerp the camera angle side to side without changing the camera type? Thanks.

I fixed this relatively easily by just creating a fake CFrame and applying it with a RenderStepped bind.