Cannot delete something from player in replicated storage

I am trying to add a admin system, and to avoid hackers finding the RemoteFunctions and firing them I want to delete the folder containing them if they are not a admin.

When I try to delete it, it gives me a huge amount of warnings
I looked for other things but this is a niche issue.

if game:GetService("RunService"):IsClient() and game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetRankInGroup(5431076) <= 200 then

btw rank 200 and up is a admin

attempted fixes:
I tried waiting 5 seconds before deleting but it did nothing after 5 seconds

is this within a local script?

also, where exactly is this script located?

yes, it is, further more it’s inside of game.StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts

and you’re trying to delete things from replicated storage on the client? What exactly is the script’s parent referring to?

I sorry I messed up, I moved it from the folder to the StarterPlayer and forgot to refactor

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Just so you know, exploits are able to find :Destroyed instances. They are also able to override the Destroy function to make it not do anything.

Don’t prevent the client from firing remotes… prevent firing remotes from doing anything that you shouldn’t be able to!

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really, thats … stupid
roblox should really fix that then, i’d think they’d make a way to wipe it

but i’ll add a secondary check

Maybe they should, but you should remember to never trust the client in the first place. If you think exploits are bad, try custom Roblox clients.

You don’t know what kind of software someone is running. Don’t trust them.

Even if you don’t believe it’ll happen to you, remember to write your code in a safe way that makes it hard for exploiters to find a bug :stuck_out_tongue: and deleting remotes might confuse an exploiter for… what, 5 minutes? You may as well make sure those remotes are secured from the server side too!