Cannot join public servers via play button

As of right now, I cannot join public servers via the play button on the website. When I do, I get a long “waiting for server” message with about 8-9 attempts, before finally being placed in a server by myself.

Regardless of creator, game visibility, friends in game, etc, I can only be in servers by myself. In addition, no other users can join me. When they do, they get a “server unavailable” error. In some cases, I also have data saving/loading issues via data store service.

Expected behavior

When pressing the play button, one of two things should happen:

  • I should join a random public server, or
  • I should join a friend

Neither of these happen, and instead I’m by myself.

That being said, joining a server via the server browser does work as expected. This is the only workaround!

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I’m also having this issue. It only happens on my main account for some reason.

Hello @iGottic and @wpled ,

I noticed that both of your accounts have been enrolled into Terrain Generation Alpha test, and this can cause your accounts being in a separate environment from public clients.
Please DM me in Guilded or in Devforum, that if you would like to switch to other accounts for testing the new tool, and to see if this can help solving the problem.