Cannot publish place to Roblox while there are packages with unpublished changes

Bug with packages is when:

  1. Download a copy main place with published packages
  2. Open local copy
  3. In all packages Undo Changes to Package in local copy
  4. Publish to Roblox (to main game)
  5. Open main place
  6. In all packages Undo Changes to Package in main place
  7. After again Publish to Roblox in output message appears

In image:

  1. No message about non-public packages.
  2. Errors with unpublished packages.
  3. All packages are up-to-date.

I get an error in Team Create, I don’t know what it’s like without Team Create.

Edit: The same occurs when using Save to Roblox and auto-save to Roblox with Team Create.

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