Cannot see 'Value' property in CFrameValue

This is a bug report for Studio, but I have to post it here because I do not have permission to post in ‘Bug Reports’. I thought it would be better for Roblox to be aware of it than not at all, despite posting in the wrong category.

Bug report
When inserting a CFrameValue into a Part in Studio, the CFrameValue ‘Value’ property fails to appear when opening the ‘Properties’ tab.

This is the first time I have realised this issue. Time of identifying the issue is 18:50 BST.

I would be grateful if I had access to post in ‘Bug Reports’ so I am able to post bug reports such as this.

It’s not a bug. As @incapaz said,

Plus you can just use the BasePart.CFrame hidden property,


This is NOT a bug. It is intended to work this way. The CFrameValue.Value property, just like Weld.C0/C1 properties are intended to be only set with scripts.

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Ok, thank you for your answer. Slightly annoying that it doesn’t appear in properties, but I guess the hidden CFrame property of Parts works just aswell.

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The CFrameValue is used to store CFrames. I guess you can set it in the command bar too.

Yeah, you cant see Part.CFrame property, just like this one. Because it would be annoying seeing 12 numbers in properties window, it would take so much screen space. If you want to access it, use scripts.

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