Cannot walk on empty space above a wedge

edit: I’m dumb. There was a mesh in it. Won’t let me delete this so uhh…

P.S. I tried to put it in studio bugs category, won’t let me. I assume it is because of my trust level. If somebody with permissions to change topic categories sees this, please change this to studio bugs. Thanks.

For some reason, it will not let me in a gap inside of a empty area. I don’t really know how to put this into words, so here’s a picture.

It is really weird, and I do not know why it is happening. It is a wedge, not a union. I do not know why it will not let me go inside gaps of the wedge area.
It is only this particular wedge. Everything else is fine.
Does anybody know what I should do? Thanks.

Extra information you may need:
OS: Windows 10
Date of incident: Just now as of 11/25/2020 at 9 AM CST
Team create: Disabled
Owner: A group named < - Void Clan - >
If you need any more info please tell me. Thanks for reading.

But there is a block you are standing on??

I’m standing in between the blocks where there is a gap

Found out I had meshes inside of the parts.