Can't Build or Use Toolbox/Plugins

So I am still having an issue with studio where I will go to a game and click, “Edit” and upon entering I cannot do anything within the game besides move around. None of the tools work nor does Toolbox or any Plugins. I also noticed that if I create a new game that everything will work just fine, but upon exiting the said game and re-entering it will become like all the others I have. I want to know if this is just happening for me because it is incredibly annoying and I get practically no work done and I can’t take on any commissions.

There’s a bug about this in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

Try turning off all of the plugins you have enabled and restart studio.

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This is a known bug that has been reported and similar topics have been answered with an not properly solution that could work 'possibly a few couple of times consider using the search function in the future. As it’s currently a known bug that’s been reported already there is a related thread that could explain what your experiencing related to Roblox studio tools not selecting (broken).

I’ll try viewing existing made threads and see when this issue get’s fully fixed. Your most likely experiencing this problem as it seems related to this thread. See here:

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