Can't Copy and Paste "Burnt Sienna" Colored Parts

Self explanatory and probably quicker to recreate in a new place than downloading a repro.

You can even just color the baseplate Burnt Sienna (A deep brown shade, toward the bottom right of the color hexagon), and try to copy and paste it. Nothing happens. Even if you try to change the exact part’s color from Burnt Sienna to something else, you just won’t be able to copy and paste the part again.

Deets: OS X 10.11

It works for me?

Windows 7

No idea, it’s really weird and happens in any place I try.

OS X 10.11 here. No problems here. Make sure the parts are archivable?

They are, I’m not sure why this is happening

Is the part locked? This isn’t occurring for me, so can you attach a repro place, just in case something odd is happening for you?

Nvm, the bug is a bit different than I described. The actual bug seems to be when you select Burnt Sierra, it also unchecks Archivable which is right below the color meaning the color palette seems to not ignore any buttons underneath it.
Somehow didn’t notice that…

Video showing the bug:

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When the color picker is open above the explorer and you pick a color, it will select multiple different parts in the explorer after choosing a color.