Can't create badge

I am working on a game right now for my group, recently I bought some robux with a gift card so I can make badges, when I bought the robux then went to create a badge, roblox tells me that I have 0 robux, when for the past few weeks I had 6, so I doubt this is roblox not loading the robux yet (if that makes sense) so whenever I try to make a badge, the choose file button, and create button are un-clickable, and right next to the create button, it says “0 Robux” and then the upload button is replaced with a buy robux button, does anybody know how I can get around this?


Are you creating the badge for a group game?

Yeah it seems that you need group funds if it’s a group game. I recommend making a copy of that game, making the current one private, and linking the game to the group, and vice versa.

That way it should say you have money to spend on it.

You need group funds… I wish that you can use your personal robux and not waste 30% of it.