Can't create Knit signal(wally)

So I’m using knit + wally. But i’ve come across an issue. I can’t create a signal inside of my service. I’ve tried searching but can’t do anything. The error is: Signal is not a valid member of Folder “ReplicatedStorage.Packages._Index.sleitnick_knit@1.4.5”. I’m not sure if this is because im using wally or not. Here’s my code:

local Knit = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Packages"):WaitForChild("Knit"))

local MoneyService = Knit.CreateService{
    Name = "MoneyService",
    Client = {}

MoneyService.MoneyChanged = require(Knit.Util.Signal).new()

-- Create the service:

-- Add some methods to the service:

function MoneyService:GetMoney(player:Player)
    -- Do some sort of data fetch
    return player:WaitForChild("money")

function MoneyService:GiveMoney(player, amount)
    -- Do some sort of data fetch
    local money = self:GetMoney(player)
    money.Value += amount


function MoneyService.Client:GetMoney(player)
    return self.Server:GetMoney(player).Value

return MoneyService

Any help is appreciated thanks!

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If you click the red error in the Output window it should open the relevant script at the line of code where the error is thrown. Please post that script and point out which line that is

line 3 inside the script I sent in the OP

Signal is not a valid member of Folder "ReplicatedStorage.Packages._Index.sleitnick_knit@1.4.5"

If you install Knit through wally none of the util packages come with it. You can just add signal to your wally dependency like so:
Signal = "sleitnick/signal@1.0.1"

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you are a LEGEND!!! thank you SOOO MUCH dude.

Sad that util isn’t included oh well :man_shrugging:

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