Can't divide intvalues?


I’ve recently try and make a level up system, however, I ran into a problem.

I try and do 200 divided by 400 which yes, equals = 0,5. But when I divide it using intvalues it returns me:
I’m not understanding why. I tried using tonumber and such but It’s not working.

Here’s the code,


I’m making this for a level up system bar/
Thanks in advance.

Try doing:

Already tried doing that, It’s not working and still returns me -nan(ind).

If you’re getting -nan(ind) from diving 2 intvalues then that means you’re dividing 0 by 0 which means both intvalues are 0.


Oh wow, for some reason I had to wait a wait command, thanks a lot! I’m stupid. But yes you’re right, 0 divided by 0 will return to -nan(ind). Thanks everyone for helping.