Can't figure out how to fix vip servers

Hello, i have released my new game here

The issue is after i enabled vip servers i didn’t know i have to deal with :ReserveServer() cuz the game has 2 places and all
since i have no idea how to set those up i need someone who can at least show me how

As you want to apply it to a VIP Server, what you’d probably do is:

  1. Setup the Reserved Server from that Second Place
  2. Teleport the players to that other server while also communicating the VIP Server’s ID

The only issue (something that I’m not sure about but I’m sure other people will enlighten me on it), is whether or not you’ll be able to return back from the reserved server to the VIP Server. There is a definite solution that you can hack together using a combination of MessagingService (using the reserved server’s ID as a communication channel), and/or making it so if you are in a VIP Server, it’ll auto move you into a Reserved Server instead, so you can move from reserved to reserved rather than VIP to reserved. However, I implore you to check out the following links as they can probably explain this in far greater detail than i:

Alot of this will require a full structure to be set out, and I hope my post gave you some ideas.