Can't find information on copyright for a song that I want to use

:wave: Hello there, Developers!

Recently I’ve been seeking for in-game music, which will be used in tragic moments and came up to a wonderful composition called “Chi mai” by Ennio Morricone, which is used in a film called “The Professional” or “Le Professionnel”.

But I came up to an issue that there is absolutely no information regarding the copyright of the said sountrack. I am afraid of being taken down for the usage of that music in my game.

Could anyone give me an advice on what can I do here?

Here’s the link to the said sountrack:

Any help or advice is appreciated.
Thank you.

The trouble is that sometimes the soundtrack is set on all rights reserved. This means it’s not really free to use. If you don’t have true permissions to use, then there is high probability of being unable to use it.


Sorry for this late reply, but the issue is I am not sure if it is copyrighted so I am unavailable to use this sountrack. It is not stated in YouTube.

In the bottom of the videos, there are some attributions which is identified as copyrighted, thus you have to find their licenses before using it.