Can't invoke server with remote function

I have a problem with invoking the server (via the client).
Whenever I invoke the server it says this.
This is the line. I am the owner of the place and team create is disabled.
Can anyone help?

Those look like two very different errors. Could you actually supply the images and code on the thread instead of as links to external websites? That’d help a lot. Thanks!

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A HTTP 403 error doesn’t occur due to remote functions, try printing something after the server is invoked(or you could add a breaking point), I have a feeling you’re trying to access a data store through studio, if so, I’d recommend checking whether you have access to API services through studio.

I have done such print things, and as I expected, nothing was being printed on the server.

Yes, I work with datastore on the server. API services is on, and I even enabled HTTP requests (not sure if it helped).
I’m sure the error is on the line specified in the post.

Could you share some of your code?
It’ll be really helpful since there isn’t much we can do except guess what could be the problem.

Sorry guys, this is a typical example of super simple mistake.
When I invoked the server, I left the local player as a parameter. This is not necessary.