Can't join any ROBLOX game following Byfron

I’ll keep it short and simple.

I have no injectors, I have recycled and perma-deleted all of my virtual machines, I can play perfectly fine on my other PC, and this issue has only happened since the Byfron update.

The error I get is:

Failed to load library: SensApi.dll

I’ve tried replacing the file, putting it in the version folder for ROBLOX, reinstalling, restarting, all possible CMD fixes, and followed all YouTube/reddit guides.

I know it’s likely the anti-cheat as team-test in ROBLOX studio works, and normal single player testing works fine, not to mention that both team-create and normal studio work fine. Please help, if mods take this post down, please try to provide me with meaningful support or otherwise provide a solution/global fix to the problem, I’m not the only one with this issue, although I doubt the mods who are essentially robots will even read this post, yet rather take whatever someone reported it as for granted.