Can't make hard-coded inverse kinematics

Recently, I’ve tried to make a hard-coded Inverse Kinematics script that only bends in one direction, like kneeling on the ground.

Keep in mind that the rig is R6, so its a bit harder to do this :/

So far, I’ve tried to take the distance between two marked attachments parented to the torso and tried clamping the distance between 0 and 1, and then subtracting 1 by the variable. THEN multiplying that by 90 so that the knees start bending. It worked, but I can’t actually get the leg to look at the 2nd attachment.

It looks like this:

local ShowIKparts = true

local Character = script.Parent

local Torso = Character.Torso

local LeftLeg = Torso['Left Hip']

local LeftStart = LeftLeg.C0

local Left_FROM_att = Torso.IKleftTop

local Left_TO_att = Torso.IKleftBottom

local Left_MIDPOINT = (Left_FROM_att.Position+Left_TO_att.Position)/2

local RightLeg = Torso['Right Hip']

local RightStart = RightLeg.C0

local Right_FROM_att = Torso.IKrightTop

local Right_TO_att = Torso.IKrightBottom

local Right_MIDPOINT = (Right_FROM_att.Position+Right_TO_att.Position)/2

local leftDist = (Left_FROM_att.Position - Left_TO_att.Position).Magnitude

local rightDist = (Right_FROM_att.Position - Right_TO_att.Position).Magnitude


while wait() do

Right_TO_att.Position =, (math.sin(tick()*3))-2, 0)

Left_TO_att.Position =, (math.sin(tick()*3))-2, 0)



local IKlimits = {

AngleLimit = 70;

BendLimit = 0;


local RightOffset = (RightLeg.C0:Inverse()*,0,0)) * Right_FROM_att.CFrame


while wait() do

leftDist = (Left_TO_att.Position - Left_FROM_att.Position).Magnitude

rightDist = (Right_TO_att.Position - Right_FROM_att.Position).Magnitude

local PushLength_R = -(2-math.clamp(rightDist-IKlimits.BendLimit, 0, 2))*IKlimits.AngleLimit

local PushLength_L = (2-math.clamp(leftDist-IKlimits.BendLimit, 0, 2))*IKlimits.AngleLimit

local LeftIKcalc = ((LeftStart * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(0),math.rad(0),math.rad(PushLength_L)) * Left_TO_att.CFrame))

local RightIKcalc = ((RightStart * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(0),math.rad(0),math.rad(PushLength_R)) * Right_TO_att.CFrame))

RightLeg.C0 = RightIKcalc *,3,0)

LeftLeg.C0 = LeftIKcalc *,3,0)


The result comes out to this:

This is what happens when I try to move it via X and Z:

If you can help me find a way to get the Leg point towards a point AND start bending at a certain distance, I would be super thankful.

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Do you have the X values and the Z values in the CFrame accidentally switched?

Yes, my bad. I forgot to fix that. But that method is dead, and I need to make a new one that also makes the leg point at the IK target.

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Oh alright, fill me in on how it goes and if there are any new occuring issues! :grin:

YES! GOOD NEWS! I figured it out!

The solution was to apply the orientation between IKFrom and IKTo to the motor, then add leg bending at a distance!

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