Can't move animating character along with platform

Hello! I am scripting a platform that moves from one point to another point, there is supposed to be person (dummy model) on the platform running an animation. The problem is, the person stays in one point while the platform moves away, if I weld any parts to the platform the animation breaks. I don’t know how to describe this problem in a search browser, so if this topic is already created please give me the link. If you need more info please comment what you want.

robloxapp-20210716-1550529.wmv (583.5 KB) the character not moving, but still animating.

Thanks for reading and have a good day! :slight_smile:

Did u use tweenservice or bodyposition?

I’m not 100% with animation behavior, so excuse me if this is a stupid thing to say, but make sure the dummy isn’t anchored.

Tweenservice, I have not tried bodyposition.

Oh i really dont know maybe try seeing if someone already had the sane problem?

Omg, thank you. I was so tired when I built this, I completely overlooked if parts were anchored.

Happens to the best of us :grin: Glad you got it fixed!

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