Cant move the upper torso with the waist C0 value

im just trying to make the upper torso of the player look in the same direction as the camera. I’m able to do this with the head / neck perfectly fine. But for some reason when i use the same exact code but for the upper torso / waist literally nothing changes. I’m sure this isn’t an issue with my code, i think that theres some property i can change or manipulate to fix it. Anyone have any experience trying to change the C0 property of the waist joint?

	if waist then
		waist.C0 = waist.C0 * CFrame.Angles(1,1,1)

this is the code. It is definately running and the C0 property prints every frame with a correct value. For some reason the upper torso just isnt moving.

Wouldn’t it just be better to manipulate the HumanoidRootPart so that you don’t have to manipulate everything else?

that would move the entire character model. i just want the torso to look in the same direction as the camera. the legs will always face forward

figured out the issue. It had nothing to do with the C0 property or Motor6ds. For some reason using Humanoid:ApplyDescription(humanoidDescription) as players join is causing this bug. I’m making a separate thread for that topic however.

new thread: Humanoid:ApplyDescription() makes moving the waist motor6d through scripts impossible