Can't Open Place Created with "CreatePlaceInPlayerInventory Async" in Studio?

This isn’t a bug report, I’m confused and I want to understand how to use this that’s all.

Let’s say John Owner of the game and Abby is a Player

She accepted the request for “CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync” and a place was created in her inventory.

John goes to her inventory finds the place and press “Edit” to open it in Studio and this is the next thing that happens


However Abby can open the place in Studio with no errors but she can’t publish the place nor she can do game.AssetService:SavePlaceAsync(), which I am assuming is normal behavior.

So John wants to test further and he goes into his game and Teleports himself to Abby’s place


once the teleportation is completed he uses the Command Bar (F9) to change the Baseplate color and uses game.AssetService:SavePlaceAsync() he receives this Error

John sees the error so he enters Abby’s Place again with the same procedure above, and he recognizes that the Baseplate color was saved.

Abby also sees the changes in Studio after re-opening the place.

Original Template Place has these settings

Places Created with “CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync” and “CreatePlaceAsync” have these settings

John recognizes this so he changed Abby’s place settings to

I get the Error regardless of the setting "Allow Save Place API"

My questions;

  1. Are Owners allowed to Edit places created with “CreatePlaceAsync” and “CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync”?

  2. Why am I getting an Error message?

I am really confused about this, there are no Documents on these functions to be found but just a few sentences on what these functions do and nothing else that is needed to be explain.


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For the first error, a HTTP 409 signals a conflict, meaning that the place is already in use, in the process of being updated or already open by another user. I’m not sure how this could apply on this case, though…