Can't play, error 403 or smth

Today i got problem with Roblox, when i try join any game i get this error:
I can read only “403”. And that error show while i’m on main account.
My main account not banned, no warning.
How to fix that error?

403 Forbidden means with the credentials you provided, you aren’t allowed to access whatever you’re trying to access. This could be because:

  • You’re banned. Usually the most common reason. Your account is no longer allowed to access the resource (a game),
  • The game you’re trying to play doesn’t allow you to join it. This happens if the game is private, friends-only, or under review.
  • Something is messed up and now the credentials you’re providing are invalid. Could be if you reset your token but somehow the Roblox player’s cache didn’t update. Try reinstalling Roblox.
  • Ratelimit. If you’re doing something too quickly, Roblox will sometimes return 403 Forbidden.
  • An error on Roblox’s end. Roblox can return 403 if something is wrong internally. Try waiting for a bit if this happens.
  • Your IP isn’t allowed. Roblox blocks certain IP addresses/ranges to prevent abuse. Could be because someone was banned previously. If you’re using a VPN, that’s likely the problem.

The message is like that because it was decoded using the wrong encoding. Most likely a more obscure error message if Roblox hasn’t fixed it yet.


I’m not was banned and i don’t will risk with my main account.
Game can’t be private,etc. That public game with normal online.
Idk how even ratelimit work before it was normal.
No idea is my IP banned…
I guess that for short time will be