Can't resize a part any further


Since the new Roblox Studio update (which I am really not a fan of) - I have had a recurring issue.

I am trying to resize this part, however, I can only go so far before it stops and does not go any further (see video below). I can move the parts every other way other than dragging it in and out horizontally.

robloxapp-20230122-2314346.wmv (75.7 KB)

Any thoughts on what this could be? I have tried turning it off and on again and doing general troubleshotting methods.

I assume it may be a bug but I cannot post in bug reports for some reason. As I say, I am really not a fan of this new studio update.

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How large is the part? The maximum size for a part on the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis is 2048 studs.

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Its 269.85 studs - I did wonder that but it’s not that big.

That’s odd, perhaps it’s your operating system? Do you know anyone else who’s had this problem?

Did you try using the Properties bar to scale it?

I can’t see the image but if the part hits another part then it automatically stops stalling either on the x y or z axis. Sometimes if it’s parents are off too it won’t work. I can’t say anymore since I don’t have an image as reference sorrt