Can't save something to Datastore

So, I’ve been recently learning about DataStores, and I was trying to make a data store script where it would save data inside a folder that is inside the player. But, everytime I run the script, the Output comes up with: Argument 2 missing or nil. Does anyone know about what’s going on? By the way, here’s the code:

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")

local myDataStore = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("myDataStore")

	local Folder ="Folder")
	Folder.Name = "Hats"
	Folder.Parent = player.Head

local data
local success, errormessge = pcall(function()
	data = myDataStore:GetAsync(player.Userid)
if success then
	Folder = data
	print("Data Error")

	local success, errormessage = pcall(function()

if success then
	print("Data fully saved")
	print("Data error")


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You forgot to tell the data store what to save in the PlayerRemoving function.


And you also can’t save Folders in DataStores. You can only save Strings, Numbers and Tables!


Then how do you do a data store for items like folder’s?

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The last time I saved “items” in Data Stores I created a BoolValue for every item and then I would set it’s value to true if the item was bought and keep it false if it wasn’t bought.

You can use tables to make it easier!

And I would obviously save it, using a line like this:

DataStore:SetAsync(Player.UserId .. "-ItemNameHere", BoolValue.Value)

This tutorial might help you out, @Dogcraft_01!

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In your set async function, you aren’t specifying what data you are trying to store. You can only store string values, and not any objects.

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I’m making a player customization system for items on your head. Do I just add a DataStore for every item that you can wear?

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I’ve already told him this, but thanks for reminding him!

You can use different keys for every save.
For example instead of doing:

local ds1 = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("1")
local ds2 = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("2")

You can simply use different keys such as these:

local key1 = Player.UserId .. "Hat1"
local key2 = Player.UserId .. "Hat2"

And you can save all of these keys in the same data store!

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Oh ok that makes sense. I’ll give this a try. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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A’ight, no problem! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Don’t forget to mark one of my suggestions as the Solution!

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Making a new datastore for each item is not a great idea, what you should do instead is pack all the items the player owns in a table/dictionary and store that instead. for example:


That way when you load a player’s data you won’t have to make a ton of requests to multiple datastores but instead, make 1 request to fetch all data which then you could use to iterate over and instance StringValues for each item/keep them in a table, up to you.

That’s exactly what I told him! I told him to use different keys instead of using different data stores!

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Different keys also mean multiple requests, keep the key as the player’s userId and store all data to that key.

Doesn’t really matter because it’s still saying Argument 2 missing or nil

You probably haven’t set what is going to be saved.

Well, yeah… You’re right! 30_charss

Keep in mind you can only save Strings, Numbers and Tables!