Cant search dictionary with argument

So im trying to call a function in a dictionary by searching for it with an argument and it isnt working

local StateEffects = {}

local States = {
	OnFire = spawn(function(Target, Damage, Duration, Time)
		local i = 0
			Target.Character.Humanoid.Health = Target.Character.Humanoid.Health - Damage
			i = i + 1
		until i == Duration	
function StateEffects:DealState(Target, State, ...)
	local OtherArguments = {...}
	States.State(Target, OtherArguments)

return StateEffects

its giving me an error - Attempt to call a nil value at line 26 (thats the line 4th line in DealState function)

That’s not how dictionary work States.State is a sugar syntax for States["State"], use States[State] instead.

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If you want to index a dictionary by a variable, use square brackets. States[State](...)
Aiya, @Blockzez beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Im still getting the same error

You still need to make sure that State will always be a key in the States dictionary. As far as I can tell, the only State that exists is “OnFire,” and that one isn’t even a callable function, rather a thread.

how could i make it a callable function?

Your OnFire definition refers to a thread which is returned by the spawn() function; Just remove the spawn, then OnFire would refer to a function that you could call.

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thanks that actually worked :+1: :+1: :+1: