Can't see eachother card

Hello, I made an ID card with the player age name and group rank(surface GUI), But players can see each other name and more, it’s showing Nothing.

Can you provide an image example and code example so we know how you set it up? We can’t diagnose an issue from such a limited description.

I don’t understand, the title says the card cant be seen, do you mean only the player with the card can see their card?

Yeah. This is what I mean. Exactly, They can’t see other player information on the card, only the Handle part

then you have to make the card’ stats show on the server, because you might be doing it on a local script

How do i make the card stats show on the server? (Sorry)

Remote Events will let you pass data from client to server on a specific event. such as equipping the card.

Sorry, I am new, Can i get code example.

local script

local age = player_AGE--what is the player's age?
local name = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Name
local group = PLAYER_GROUP-- idk how to get the group
local card = player.Character.Card--or wherever the card is

server script

card.SurfaceGui.Textage = age
card.SurfaceGui.Textname = name
card.SurfaceGui.Textgroup = group

you have to edit this script a bit because I don’t know what stats you are sending

Thank you for helping me understand that! I will learn more about remote events and functions

I did it like this:

local headshot = Enum.ThumbnailType.HeadShot

local headshotSize = Enum.ThumbnailSize.Size100x100 = playerd.Name

script.Parent.rank.grouprank.Text = rankInGroup

script.Parent.age.accountage.Text = playerd.AccountAge

script.Parent.headshot.Image = players:GetUserThumbnailAsync(playerd.UserId, headshot, headshotSize)

This should work fine, @liamazu1000. His reference to “SendStats” is an Instance called RemoteEvent. Insert that into ReplicatedStorage and name it as you wish.

Yeah, thanks, I know that. Have a good day.