Can't see profile pictures of DevForum users in Android devices

Greetings, I’ll just go straight to the point of this topic.

I tried logging in my account for the DevForum in 3 of my android devices and all of them can’t see the profile pictures of the people in the DevForum

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I don’t have the devices to test my theory, but I’m guessing you can’t see them because your screen size is too small.

Otherwise, if either of your other 2 devices have a bigger screen, this may be a bug specific to your devices or network.

I just tested the site using chrome’s device emulator and it turns out Discourse doesn’t omit profile pictures for small screens on mobile. Try the test I suggested below though:

Try visiting and see if the profile pictures are also not loading there. If they are not loading, then this issue is Discourse-wide and must be reported on meta.

Have you tried setting font to the regular size? They all show up fine on mine, but I notice your font is enlarged massively.

Obviously still an issue that needs reporting to discourse, but you might be able to narrow down the cause for them.

Yeah, I tried that on my other samsung device, and you were right.