Can't use keyboard shortcuts while in test mode


While in Play Mode, keyboard shortcuts don’t appear to work for me. (e.g for deleting objects or cloning) It simply doesn’t do anything. When I’m not in Play Mode, they do work fine.

There’s a known issue with Lua-based shortcuts being ignored in favor of Studio shortcuts (e.g. Escape to deselect breaks escape menu), but not the other way around AFAIK. There’s also a longstanding issue where shortcuts will randomly break on rare occasion, but opening a context menu usually fixes this (if not, restarting Studio will).

Aside from that, I am unable to reproduce deleting/cloning breaking – they work fine for me in play solo. I’m closing this thread as it does not have enough information to hold value as a bug report. Please follow steps to report a bug, making sure to test with plugins disabled on an empty baseplate, and then re-post the bug report.