CanvasDraw - A powerful pixel-based graphics engine (Draw pixels, lines, triangles, read PNG image data, and much more!)

Any plans to update to use DynamicImage?

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wait dude, you can’t tell me it’s already in the engine?? I can use and insert one.

I literally tried doing that this morning like 3 or 4 hours ago and there wasn’t anything.

And yea, definitely plans to use this once it actually releases.

When i use it it says in output: " DynamicImage is not yet enabled!"

So i think you can’t use it yet.

oh yeah I knew that from the beginning. I was just surprised it’s actually just sitting in the engine, meaning it’s coming pretty close to being enabled at some point

please add transparency feature, it would be so revolutionary. imagine what people will create… this on billboard? procedural fire animation, procedural blood scattering… etc

Ill see if DynamicImage will allow this when it comes out as that is the new system ill be migrating CanvasDraw to.

If it does end up supporting transparency, I will definitely add transparency support

DynamicImages seem to have RGBA colors, WritePixels takes an array with RGBA values, “{ r, g, b, a, r, g, b, a, r, g, b, a … }”.


if dynamic mesh comes out, will u still keep the current module as a legacy module? or will u delete it?

There’s no reason to delete it, dynamic images can just improve the library

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I definitely don’t plan on full on deleting anything lol.

Once DynamicImage releases, CanvasDraw will just use that as it’s internal canvas handler rather than a complex UI Gradient based canvas.

All though I will probably release some sort of an archive or a thread containing old versions of CanvasDraw.


Sadly, dynamic mesh was removed a long time ago in a beta. We can no longer dent our mesh-based cars.

But I’m looking forward to dynamic images.

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What are you talking about?

DynamicMesh has not been deleted at all, and will not be deleted for it was shown at the RDC23 Keynote, in fact the one shown was an upgraded version of DynamicMesh that can be run in real-time.

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Yeah, but it requires bones to run. The older version did not.

No, it doesn’t require bones, I don’t know where you got that from.

Bone based deformation is called something with skin, which is an entirely different area of mesh editing, dynamic mesh allows us to edit anything about a mesh down to reach even vertices.

So, MeshDeformer was replaced by DynamicMesh for absolutely no reason?


Could you make a Tutorial on how to make 3D engines? Because I am kinda confused about how that works.

There heaps of tutorials online on how to make 3D engines from scratch.

I highly reccommend following along with this tutorial series. It’s simple and easy to follow along and port to CanvasDraw as the concept and code logic is exactly the same.

This is the tutorial I followed to make my own 3D rasterizer on roblox.

Should be easy enough to port to lua too if you understand any other programming language

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