CanvasGroups working in studio but NOT in real game


So, I was making a Mainmenu and I used CanvasGroups this time instead of Frames so I could handle transparency and stuff for all descendants more easily.

The thing is, everything works fine in Studio testing, but testing in Real Game. The CanvasGroup does not work at all, the Invisible CanvasGroups become visible and overlap the other CanvasGroups and it’s properties in the Real Game don’t change either.

This is not a specific issue with the specific place I’m working on currently, I tested it in a other place and the issue occured there as well.

Here are two clips of testing in Studio and the Real game in the other place I tested.

I think it’s still in beta so it hasn’t been pushed to the live engine just yet. It’s usually announced when it’s live on the post about it. Sorry about that! Wish you the best of luck.

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Just like Future Lighting when it was getting released, it works in the Studio, but on the actual game since it is a beta feature.

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