Captcha for the catalog

I have noticed some people complaining about bots buying the hats faster than anyone really get the chance to even reach the catalog page. Friend of mine suggested that adding a captcha and I thought it was an interesting idea so I decided to post it here.

No more bots instant buying

Will take longer to buy stuff

Realised I should probably have posted it here, so I moved the thread. Same stuff goes.

I don’t agree with CAPTCHAs. Whilst you’re making it fairer for one pool of people, you’re making it incredibly unfair for another. A lot of people cannot complete CAPTCHAs successfully on the first try, meaning that they will see a limited pop up but then have to spend five minutes, when the rest of the stock is going going goooneee, attempting to complete the CAPTCHA.

The Captcha is a good idea, but Captcha can still be resolved by bots.
Search around on google and you will find something.

Doesn’t have to be captcha but something to validate that you are a human and not a bot would make life easier for the people that don’t depend on bots to snatch the few limited of hats the millisecond they are put out for sale.

Also people being unable to complete captchas in the first three or so times seems a bit… Extreme. Of course it entirely depends on what kind of captcha you’re using. 4chan recently changed from weird blurry words to basically pictures of house numbers, codes and other things.

Just throwing the idea out there. As stated it doesn’t have to be captcha, but something could be done for the catalog at least.

Captcha’s are like anti-piracy DRM. It makes the experience worse for legitimate buyers while bots snatch everything away.

There’s an entire ‘Captcha solving’ economy that bots use to bypass these detections, and since we’re talking about LMaD it would not even take a week for someone to create a bot. (Remember, ROBLOX is targeted towards kids so captchas would be easy to solve.)

Unfortunately nowadays there are companies that pay people to solve Captcha’s and then they log the patterns in a database and can get a computer to solve many of them.

That all aside, I’d suggest it should only occur on certain items above a certain price or below a certain number. I think any sales above a certain price should have a Captcha to help protect users from not accidentally doing something.