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Composing and Arranging Services

For all your music needs!

A Word from the Composer

Hello there! As an artist, I often asked myself how best to spread my love for music and my interpretations of music with the world. Now, I have found one such outlet. I began in my music career at the age of eight, when I began in musical theatre, and have since moved from performing the pieces of others to creating my own. Over the last decade, I have experienced just about every genre of music there is. As a result, I feel I have an understanding of music that I hope you will find enjoyable!

If you’re worried that musical theatre isn’t enough experience to begin as a composer, fear not; my career has evolved. Since moving to the Los Angeles area, I have marched in an award-winning band, sung with a choir that is now preparing to begin it’s first New York debut, and, yes, performed in two more musicals. But more importantly than any of that, I have begun arranging music for my local schools. In my portfolio, you will see a tab that says “arrangements.” These are the ones I am allowed to present to you all as reference. While my early arrangements, they show a love for music that can make your project even better than you could have imagined.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make some music!

So Wait, What do You do?

Glad you asked! I write fully original compositions in many different styles to suit your needs. Most of my experience is in grander scale music, however I am fully capable of making smaller ensembles sound just as powerful.

As well as Compositions, I can also arrange music for different ensembles. Have you ever wondered what Timber would sound like as a Brass Quintet? Well, you needn’t wonder any more, as I can create that for you to enjoy and use!

To summarize, I make music to make your games better, or even for you to experiment with yourselves to see what sounds good.

Showcase and References

You can view excerpts of my compositions here:

This piece was written as an adventure story.

This piece is a nice loop I compiled to use for simulators or other simple game types.

This is a remix of a song from 1919, made because of the coronavirus pandemic around the world.

This is a heartfelt ballad to the one desire I have when all is done: I wish to go out with a bang

This is a fun arrangement of Star Wars I wrote. I love Star Wars. Don’t question it!

This is a swing piece I wrote that I made a lo-fi track. I like to call it “Electro-Jazz.”

Feel free to contact me for applicable references.

What is your Schedule?

I work at a pace of one composition a week to ensure quality upon time of delivery. With that said, I will update you every other day about the status of your score, often with audio recordings so you can provide feedback, and make sure the piece is exactly how you want it. Typically, you can expect to see three hours of work per day during the week and seven to eight during the weekends, barring any unforeseen circumstances(Which I will notify clients about as soon as possible). I do tend to take on multiple projects at once, which is why it is set at one composition a week. Your composition(s) may take more time than this, and I will update you as I work.


So, the all-important question: What’s my price? I do pricing based on a few factors, listed below.

1. What genre of music are you asking for?
2. How long do you want the piece to be?
3. How many pieces are you purchasing?

As a result, I have had to put together a rather rough table for how pricing works for pieces. The prices are adjusted so I can afford my DAW license, and any other software I need, after a few jobs. The table linked below is my full pricing guide.



Contact me here on the forum, or on discord at ADLHoratioNelson#5748!

I hope to hear from you soon! :musical_keyboard: