Car cloning error

I am working on a racing game, and currently creating a function to respawn the cars. When I clone the cars from ServerStorage to Workspace, the car starts shaking and moves slower. I used A-Chassis to create the cars. From my understanding of A-Chassis it makes spring constraints attached to the wheels to help absorb most shocks in the ground.

I have used the MakeJoints() function, but it still isn’t solving the problem.
Here is my code:

function respawnCars()
	for _, object in pairs(workspace:GetChildren()) do
		if object.Name == "Kart" then
for _, object in pairs(game.ServerStorage:GetChildren()) do
	local carCopy = object:Clone()
	carCopy.Parent = workspace

Does anyone know why this is happening?

EDIT: I stopped using A-Chassis, and switched to a more simple constraint chassis. This fixed the cloning issue.

@DiagonalDuck , I am using A-Chassis but have trouble tuning all the values when making different vehicles.
I do not have problems with cloning it though.

Please share what better you found and what you are using it for.