Car floating for no reason?


I’ve encountered a weird problem while making a car… It won’t stop floating?


Gravity is 196.2 (or whatever the default is), no parts are massless, all can collide is set to true. All parts are also visible.

I use BodyAngularVelocity to turn the car, but i doubt that’d have any effect. When i drive the car, it stops floating, but once i stop it floats in that same position, I’m just confused as to why, any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Are you using any other Velocity based objects for adjusting the Car’s Physics?


BodyVelocity, But it’s at 0,0,0 unless a specific key is pressed

BodyAngularVelocity with an AngularVelocity set at 0, 0, 0 will stop the object from rotating at all. For turning, you should make the MaxTorque 0, 50000, 0. Setting it to that will make sure that all other axes can rotate.

edit: keep the MaxTorque Y axis at whatever you had it at.

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It actually is at that (I had a similar problem with BodyGyro and your solution was the fix)

BodyAngularVelocity while it floats:

BodyVelocity while it floats:

Set the BodyVelocity values so that only X and Z can move. (450000, 0, 450000)

Would you look at that, it works! I feel like I should’ve known that from my past mistakes haha, thanks man

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