Car flying after Collision

I’m using the High-Quality Jeep by x_o that can be found in free models. I’m having an issue where upon colliding with the terrain the vehicle fly into the air and just keeps going up. How do I make it so that the vehicle is less buggy (ex. Doesn’t fly into the air after colliding with the terrain). Thanks!

There are so many copies of that Jeep in free models, all basically the same.
Roblox has a starter template of a game in their Studio Library with what I believe is their original copy of that Jeep that works fine on Terrain. Try using that one instead.


This forum is for assistance with scripting. We can’t really help you considering the following:

  1. It appears you don’t understand the point or goal of this subforum (to get help with scripting, not random assets)
  2. You need help on something that is made entirely by somebody else
  3. It is hard to tell if you are a programmer

I would suggest just using a different freemodel or figuring out how to fix it based on trial and error and basic programming. That, or you can try to ask the creator for assistance.
From what I remember, the car is set up to have fake suspension that is based on welds or something. The issue is likely that the wheels are being updated while they also collide with the terrain.