Car only working in the place where it was created

So a custom car is only working in the original place where it was created. The car that ain’t working is the exact same car.

The original place:

The new place

Does anybody know how I could fix this? Any help is appreciated!

Have you found any errors? Or is there perhaps an if statement checking to see if the model/script is in a specific game/place?

I have scripted the car myself and there are no conditions like this. Everything is working but the wheels, they just don’t roll for some reason.

Is there something up with the ground friction or something? Also were you able to find any errors?

No, I was not able to find any errors. What is ground friction?

If you don’t know what that is, then you probably haven’t changed any of that. Friction is a physical property that can be changed for any given part. But anyway, I can’t really help without seeing either the code or the model, or something to go off of.

I know what friction is and I have changed it for the car, just I didn’t associate that with ground friction.

Ok, so I made a pretty dumb mistake. The car is using collision groups and I forgot to add the groups for the new place.

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Thanks for the help though. Much appreciated as stated.

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