Car Smashers X Autumn Update | v1.0.3 PART 1

Car Smashers X Autumn Update
Version: 1.0.3 PART 1

Car Smashers X

Car Smashers X 1.0.3 Part 1 Autumn Update 2022

New In Version 1.0.3 PART 1

  • Added A Progression System
  • Added Tokens
  • Removed Trades
  • Added Settings
  • Changed Tree Colour
  • Changed Grass Colour
  • Changed Music
  • Added Leaf Jeep (Limited)
  • Added Leaf Vanmo (Limited)
  • Added Vehicle Previews (Shows In Garage)
  • Revamped UI

Progression System
The progression system allows players to unlock vehicles instead of having every vehicle right away!
This adds a new addition to the game called, ‘Tokens’.

Tokens will be part of the Progression System.
Each token have a certain amount of vehicles that you can unlock in that Token.
Once unlocked all vehicles in the Token, you can purchase the next with Cash.

Limited Vehicles
Limited vehicles are vehicles that can only be used during the Halloween Update.
If someone has played the game while this vehicle is in the game, they will have that vehicle even if they haven’t unlocked it yet (To drive it, it must be unlocked).

Settings will allow users to change things to their likings.
This will allow users to turn off the music, and change the graphics.