Car Steering Weirdly

so first time making a car and i used this tutorial

came across a problem when steering

robloxapp-20221108-1254312.wmv (2.5 MB)

The Video shows everything

I also copied the script in the tutorial (in part 4) for the driving/steering

btw i dont know how to link a video to watch in the website

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Can I see the constraints?
(if theres any)

Since you provided no constraint details, I will probably have to figure this out my own.
Green = Servo (the hinge that steers the wheel)
Orange = Motor (the hinge that spins the wheel)
So I am 99% sure you made your wheels like this:

The problem is that if you put the motor hinge behind the servo hinge, your car would steer weirdly.
Try swapping their positions:

Swapping the positions will likely fix the problem.