Carnival Hotels Rules

This is Carnival Hotels Rules. We have specific rules to our games and Roblox services.

We also have our own, more specific rules. This includes all of our Roblox games (this does not include Discord).

  • Point farming is not allowed. This is where someone rapidly checks someone in and out to gain in game points.

  • Creating alternate accounts to recommend promotions. If you are caught creating alternate accounts so that you can get backing for a promotion, you will get an immediate demotion. We want to keep our games fair.

  • Do not cuff abuse. Cuff abusing is where someone cuffs another person. They usually do this is an illegal manner. Examples:

    • Cuffing someone without stating a valid reason in the public game chat.

    • Cuffing someone, then releasing them into a space which they cannot get out of (such as a wall).

    • Cuffing a member of senior staff (trial moderator or higher).

  • Staff must use grammar. This is a staff only rule. Using grammar helps to keep us looking professional and easy to communicate with.

These rules can be updated at anytime.

You can report anyone to one of our moderators and they will come and deal with it.

How to Contact Moderators.
I am under thirteen.

You can only contact the moderation department via Roblox. You have two options:

  1. Post a message on the group wall saying that you are requesting moderation. Include the offenders name and their offence.

  2. You can message Carnival_Support and one of our online moderators will respond as soon as they can. Please note that this is the only account we use for contacting moderators on Roblox. Other accounts could be trying to scam you. You can check its group rank in our official group.

I am over thirteen.

You are lucky. You can either do what the under thirteens have to do or contact us via Discord. As long as you do not have safe chat, you will be able to access a link on our group.

Moderation Staff

These people are all trusted members of the moderation team. If you are not sure if someone is a moderator or not, you can either check their group rank or check them against the list below.


Vice Chairman:

Board of Director:

Chief Executive Officer: