Carry individual information from one place to another

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I am making a system of games which you can play both by yourself and with others, so, to optimize and make the code easier, I made each map be in a different subplace and that the players take certain information to each one, but I always get this error:

And another thing, how could I carry the individual information, I saw that it cannot be and that they have to figure it out, my idea is to send a table that has the name of the player and the information as content, but I don’t know how to put these Also, if there is more than one piece of information that you would have to send, how would you do it?
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Use something called TeleportData. You can retrieve the player’s TeleportData with :GetJoinData().
TeleportData is the 3rd parameter at :Teleport().

It could look like this:

local teleportData = {
    Name = "",
    Information = {
        Blablabla = "",
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It keeps giving me error:

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Could you show me your code that you used?

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Captura de pantalla 2021-04-28 190806

The other place:
Captura de pantalla 2021-04-28 190930

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:GetJoinData() is a function of player, so you would have to use player:GetJoinData().
The TeleportData would be:

local teleportData = player:GetJoinData().TeleportData

Furthermore you should verify the TeleportData came from an approved place, as it is possible to view it or insert data from a previous teleport.

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Oh, no more error! But still something else fails me, what you get is:
Captura de pantalla 2021-04-28 191736
This asks me 2 questions:

  1. How do I send you information about each individual player?
  2. How do I get you to receive what I told you to receive?
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The printed things are the things in the TeleportData table.
I don’t really understand your questions.

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I sent it a string information, but it returns 2 numbers and the name of the table, but nothing from the string.

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You print the dictionary returned from :GetJoinData(). Please read the API reference.
TeleportData is the table in the dictionary you printed.

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But I did not put any table, if you look at the client script I return the Value of a Value, I do not give it any table.

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Please understand the API reference.
The dictionary you get from :GetJoinData() is this:

SourceGameId = ...,
SourcePlaceId = ...,
TeleportData = {
        --the data you want is here

Use this code:

local joinData = player:GetJoinData()
local teleportData = joinData.TeleportData

As you saw in the scripts that I passed, I try to send a Value, but at the time of invoking it in the other place, it does not work, I made it put in the console an “XD” if TeleportData then, as you can see in the image, it He says:

This is the new script:
Captura de pantalla 2021-04-29 162714

When you call :TeleportToPrivateServer(), the 4th parameter is the spawnName. TeleportData should be the 5th instead of the 4th, so just put a nil between Players and TableInformation.

Yes, it worked, thank you very much !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: