CAS Studios update log

Redville Test Server version 1.0


-Removed winter theme
-Expanded map
-Added in Start screen

Redville version 1.0


-Removed winter theme
-Expanded map
-Added start screen menu

Redville Test Server version 1.1


  • Fixed welcome screen
  • Fixed a virus hidden in a snowman
  • Added in admin commands

Redville Test Server version 1.2


  • Removed snow particles
  • Set where only staff members, important members, and valued fans can join the server
  • Main road extended
  • Flattened terrain
  • Removed Christmas decorations from the game
  • Removed logo from the admin system
  • Changed chat system

Redville Test Server 1.2


  • Now using Adonis admin system
  • Added an admin only room
  • Added in a house
  • Changed up the spawn a bit
  • Removed some of the haze on screen
  • Expanded map a lot