Catalog prompt script

hello! I am currently experimenting with catalog in studio, is there a way to prompt a catalog purchase on touch of a part? thanks

hello, almost surely you are looking for this:


Remember that if you want to sell products made by others you have to activate “Allow Third Party Sales”!

This Code Should Do The Work, Put Inside The Part!

local Market = game:GetService("MarketplaceService") -- Market!
local debounce = false -- Ony One Per Time.
local plr = nil -- The Two Functions Share This
local AssetID = 6311707237 -- Change With Your AssetID (This ID is From Topbar Plus)

function BuyPass(thing)
	if game.Players:FindFirstChild(thing.Parent.Name) and debounce == false then -- Check If Player Exists
		debounce = true -- Debounce
		plr = game.Players:FindFirstChild(thing.Parent.Name) -- Set Player To The Player Intance, not the name
		print(plr.Name.. " Touched The Part: " ..script.Parent.Name) -- Printer, Can be removed
		Market:PromptPurchase(plr, AssetID) --Change this number to ID of gamepass
		task.wait(1) -- Debounce
		debounce = false -- Same

function PPFinished(User, BuyedAsset, isPurchased) -- Verify Status Of Player Purchase
	if BuyedAsset == AssetID  and User.Name == plr.Name	then
		if isPurchased then -- If Purchase is sucessfull do things
			print("Purchase Completed. AssetID: " ..BuyedAsset.. ", Player: " ..User.Name)
		else -- Same but if NOT sucessfull
			warn("Purchase Canceled. AssetID: " ..BuyedAsset.. ", Player: " ..User.Name)

script.Parent.Touched:connect(BuyPass) -- Buy Prompt
Market.PromptPurchaseFinished:Connect(PPFinished) -- Prompt Output