Categories Outside The Member Rank Are Showing

So this bug occurs when I head off to the home page of the devforum.

Its shows me categories for Regulars and higher ranks than mine even though I am not at that rank.

(No picture can be shown because it happens less often)

If you go to the homepage, there should be a list of all categories. You are able to change what category you want. Also, is your birthday today?

I am not leveling up? Its just a bug showing me all the categories available in the devforum.

There are more things, if you see #lounge then that’s a problem, otherwise, it’s completely normal.

Yes today is my birthday. When I get to the homepage, it shows me every category, but it doesn’t let me post for awhile. I just reload and shows me my ranks again.

I said gives me other categories What should I rename it to then sir? :thinking:

Happy birthday! If you have problems, join the DevForum communications and you could report the bugs there.

It might be a discourse issue. Post it to

Categories Outside The Member Rank Are Showing.

What?? This is inside the devforum? I don’t know that site.

Discourse is the site that the devforum is hosted on. This issue appears to be a discourse issue, not the devforum. My only suggestion is maybe to do a hard cache reset, Ctrl-Shift-R.

Categories have different kinds of permissions. You are able to read certain categories that you cannot post into. This is normal. If you can see into the #lounge category however, (and you have not confirmed that you can), then something is wrong.

@ORLANDOMAGIC00 Please make sure you fully read topics before replying, and do not derail them to argue about petty things such as titling.


I have done that. But it still doesn’t work.

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It shows me all the categories, and very rarely I can read others posts in categories, I have no permission in.

Please list the categories you can read topics in that you believe you should not be able to. You are allowed to read but not post into some categories like I said. This is normal.


A screenshot may be helpful. Could you please send one, it would help clarify the issue.

@FxllenCode I can try my best to get a screenshot.

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If it’s only happened once it’s not an issue. If there is not a way to reproduce it, it will be very challenging to figure out.

It has happened to me 10 times.

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10 times over how long? 10 times in a year, month, day, etc.?